The projects of Avitohol Association are the events, training, exhibitions, participations and programs implemented.


The events organized by the Association aim at promoting Bulgarian history and revival of traditions, by pooling the efforts of more individuals, groups, clubs and associations working in public benefit and supporting Bulgarian traditions and spirit.


Throughout the year, the Association is initiator and promoter of the individual events, implemented together with related organizations and freelance reconstructors, showing the work of each of them and enabling both the general public and targeted groups and training formations to get familiar with the historical aspects of Bulgarian traditions, customs and culture. These are exhibitions of clothes and weapons, open lessons, trainings and seminars.


At the invitation of Bulgarian museums of history and archaeology as well as of kindred organizations, the Association attends their events by presenting the early medieval period of Bulgarians, at the time before and after the creation of Bulgarian State on this side of the Danube.


Your support is the only thing that matter in all we do.


Thank you.


Days of Ancestors

Days of Ancestors fair-festival at Pliska National Reserve of History and Archaeology

Bulgarian Roots

Bulgarian Roots Autumn fair-seminar at Pliska NRHA

Bulgarian Army - from Asparuh to Our Days

Bulgarian Army - from Asparuh to Our Days, historical performance.


Преславни дни - Велики Преслав 2022

Събор на средновековното културно наследство

Пловдив - древен и вечен: история, етнология, култура и изкуство - 2022

Пловдив - древен и вечен, люлка на цивилизации и място на сражения, кръстопът с богата културно-историческа и религиозна палитра.

Дни на предците - Плиска 2022

Събор - фестивал на средновековния бит и култура

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